A Message from M. Kendall Ludwig

Published: November 29, 2015

A Message from M. Kendall Ludwig

President and Principal Designer

I started CurlyRed in 2007 with the desire to create art. Usable art. My vision included the following statement: “...to lay bare the beauty in ordinary things is a great challenge.” I believe that, and it still drives me to create the best work I can. But it has taken me several years to realize that creating “usable art” is only one half of the challenge.

As our business has grown and we’ve developed deeper relationships with more clients, I’ve realized that there is an even more important challenge ahead. I see, over and over again, other design firms and advertising agencies holding work ransom for sums impossible for anyone to afford - except the largest and wealthiest companies.

Something seems fundamentally wrong about that. There are far too many small businesses and non-profits with great vision, but limited marketing budgets. Don’t they deserve the same access to good design? We think so.

We believe in good design for everyone.


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