Client Spotlight: Getting Creative

Published: January 17, 2012

We at CurlyRed have the privilege of working with some truly creative clients—and man, are they fun. In working with them, we get to do what we love to do the most—design out of the box. Find a truly unique solution. And capture the spirit of an artist or several artists.

We just had to share some recent work we've done for our clients, 
Sihaya Designs and The Collective.

Sihaya Designs is the online store my friend Christina Allen Page has created to showcase her handmade artisan jewelry and other things of beauty. We've been longtime fans of her jewelry, so when she asked CurlyRed to design business cards and web banners for her, it was an easy answer and delightful project to work on.

Everything from the color palette to the textures and imagery 
used is so reflective of her spirit and energy.

The Collective is simply put, the most original and talented group of modern dancers performing in the Baltimore area. CurlyRed has several friends that are part of the group and was thrilled to be asked to design a postcard for their upcoming season.

Our good friend Matt Roth (who also took an amazing photoshoot of Margot, heir to the CurlyRed fortune) provided the breathtaking photography, which provided such a nice backdrop for the simple yet bold typography.

As always, let us know what you think! And come to our party on the 31st!

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