Congrats to our 2022 First Fruits February recipients!

Published: November 30, 2021

Happy Giving Tuesday, everyone!

At CurlyRed, we are thrilled to announce the two non-profits that will be receiving a portion of our proceeds in February 2022! Our Garrett County recipient is Garrett County Lighthouse and our Baltimore recipient is Pathfinders for Autism. You can read more about these fantastic non-profits below.


Garrett County Lighthouse, Inc. is a private nonprofit behavioral health organization established in 1992. The organization provides psychiatric rehabilitation services for those diagnosed with a severe and persistent mental illness. These services are designed to assist clients in obtaining the maximum level of community functioning.

Garrett County Lighthouse, Inc. believes that the clients served have the right to personal dignity, respect, and the highest possible degree of independence.  They are committed to services that promote the  client’s quality of life, focus on the client’s strengths, foster independence, and honor the rights, wishes, and needs of the clients.  Their vision is a future where clients are can engage in informed choices and decision-making through receiving necessary community supports without fear of judgement or mental health stigma.


Pathfinders for Autism works to support and improve the lives of individuals affected by autism through expansive, customized programming, and by providing resources, training, information and activities free of charge.

The Pathfinders for Autism Resource Center is the cornerstone of our efforts to serve Maryland’s families by:
• providing timely, accurate autism-specific information and resources
• responding personally to inquiries via telephone, email and Facebook
• distributing monthly “PFA Tips” articles on a variety of topics.

The Pathfinders for Autism Resource Center helps families navigate the often confusing and complex array of services, treatment, and programs available to them. Our staff receives calls from parents who have just received a diagnosis; caregivers of adults with autism in need of support services; individuals with autism who are seeking services for themselves; and professionals working with clients with autism.

The Pathfinders for Autism website is a critical link to the thousands of families and professionals we serve throughout Maryland. The site offers a searchable, online database of more than 2,200 providers along with informative articles and a calendar of autism-specific events.

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