CurlyRed's president and principal designer named Wednesday's Woman!

Published: February 6, 2013

Kendall and Kristin

Our dear friend and PR writer, Kristin LeFeber (visit her personal blog here), was approached by Sperk* to choose a woman to write about for Sperk*'s weekly feature, Wednesday's Woman.  Kristin chose M. Kendall Ludwig, president and principal designer of CurlyRed to feature! We feel so honored. Please take a moment to read the entire blog post here.

Here's a small excerpt: 

“Rock star that she is, she followed her dreams and began working for herself, on her own terms, as soon as she could. She took a risk to pursue her passion; that everyone deserves to look good, especially small businesses and nonprofits with great vision, but limited resources. With her artistic, creative strengths, Kendall had to step out of her comfort zone to learn the fundamentals of running a successful firm.”

Here's a little more about Wednesday's Women:

“A little over a year ago Wednesday’s Woman began when I found out my friend was helping her neighbor, a hoarder, clean out her house. The story astonished me, not because I was surprised by my friend's willingness to help, I knew her to be that way. I was amazed because I could not imagine saying more than a brief “hello” to my neighbors. Actually lending a helping hand seemed huge. I thought it was a story that needed to be told to honor my friend and to help mobilize kindness in our world, in my world.

As the year passed, Wednesday’s Woman grew from the stories shared by guest bloggers. Some women honored were not well-known, some were celebrities. All deserved the light that was shed on their work. All inspired me to keep going, to keep writing. During times when I did not feel I had the emotional energy to write, knowing Wednesday’s Woman was due kept me mobilized.

Today, Kristin, a great writer who blogs at Kristin Has Two Eyes, brings Wednesday’s Woman full circle, back to its beginnings, by honoring her friend. I am grateful for this reminder to stay awake and aware, for a Wednesday’s Woman is always close by. We just have to be willing to acknowledge her presence and her impact on our lives.”

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