Design Inspiration and Travel: Nashville

Published: May 14, 2015

We decided to celebrate 11 (yes, 11) wonderful years of marriage by taking a trip to Nashville. And we were inspired the entire trip! There are such wonderful treasures in "Music City," here are just a few we want to share:

This little gem of a coffee shop was totally unique and very East Nashville—industrial, artistic and very-well branded.

From the website:

Hatch Show Print (started in 1879) now resides at 224 5th Avenue South, in four different spaces designed and built to suit the demands and mission of such a busy icon of design, letterpress printing, and history:

• A large print shop where visitors can watch posters roll off the presses;

• A store with wall space to display the 100-plus posters created by the print shop and available for purchase;

• Hatch Show Print's Haley Gallery, featuring historic restrikes of original posters from the Hatch collection, as well as Master Printer Jim Sherraden’s monoprints—contemporary interpretations and celebrations of the classic wood blocks of Hatch Show Print; and

• Hatch Show Print Space for Design, a classroom and workshop space that will offer visitors and clients opportunities to learn more through demonstrations, hands-on printing and more in-depth programs.

One of the highlights of our trip was our visit to the record label, venue and shop of the great Jack White—one of our all-time favorite musicians. Every detail of his shop was so well-thought out, it was awe-inspiring!

So, that's our short and incomplete list. And don't plan on losing weight while you're there—did we mention the incredible BBQ? hot chicken? biscuits? GooGoos? EVERYTHING?

If you get the chance to visit the great city of Nashville, don't hesitate. We loved it!

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