Fall 2017 Web Internship Available!

Published: August 22, 2017

CurlyRed Inc. is a local branding, print and web graphic design company that is looking an intern for Fall 2017.

This internship is open to college students working on their degree in website or digital design and/or development. It is an unpaid position, preferably for college credit. The days/hours for this internship are very flexible, CurlyRed will work around class and work schedules. This internship is on-site, but some hours may be able to be completed remotely. The internship will start in September and conclude in December of 2017.

Intern duties:

• Assisting Ms. M. Kendall Ludwig (President of CurlyRed) and Mr. Mark Ludwig
(Vice-President) with the production (and possible design) of digital projects, including
but not limited to: custom websites, emails, web banners, and social media assets.

• Scanning images, color correcting or modifying images, and updating design files.

• Providing administrative office support, including file and database management,
answering the phone, and other office-related tasks.

• Possibly accompanying Ms. and Mr. Ludwig to occasional client meetings and/or
networking events.

Candidates should have:

• Proficiency with the following graphics programs: Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat,
and the Google Suite.

• Basic working knowledge of the following coding languages: HTML, CSS, PHP,
JavaScript, and jQuery.

• Basic working knowledge of CMS platforms, including WordPress.

• Some samples or a portfolio of design work.

• Reliable transportation—CurlyRed is located in the Mtn. Lake Park, MD area.

• Excellent communication and organization skills.

• Ability to work independently.

• Desire to learn about the business side as well as the creative side or owning a
creative business.

If you fit the bill, please fill out a contact form or call us at 410.878.2068 today! Together, we can work to bring good design to everyone.

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