Featured client: BlueShift Dance

Published: June 1, 2016

Caitlin McAfee is not your typical founder of a dance company. She comes from an almost scientific viewpoint in her approach to dance.

She is starting a new dance company, and needed branding as quickly as possible. Caitlin gave CurlyRed the following statements to help guide us in the branding creation process.

BlueShift Dance Artist Statement:
A project-based company with an artistic director, BlueShift Dance is named for the phenomenon of physics which is opposite to red shift – simply put, the expansion of the universe. A theory exists that states that there will come a point in time where the universe will reverse its current state of expansion. It will begin to move toward its point of origin, at which point it will be in blue shift. The creation of the company was inspired by this theory. We seek ways to draw the universe closer.

Mission Statement:

BlueShift Dance is committed to offering unique, immersive experiences with the human body in performance; to bringing interdisciplinary artists together to collaboratively curate site-specific installations and performances; to embracing critical thinking, in an environment of equality, open-mindedness, and artistic growth; and to stimulating conversations important to our community, on a universal scale.

Ee knew we needed to do some self-education to wrap our brains around the idea of "red shift." Once we had gotten the gist, we quickly translated the idea, both in of movement of type, and the color palette. We’re extremely proud of the final result.

Here's what Caitlin had to say:
“I was impressed with how attentive Kendall was to my needs. I gave her only one week, and Kendall brought me through a thorough, multi-step creative process, presenting me with new options on almost a daily basis. The result is a unique, colorful, and versatile logo.”

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