Featured Client: Berkeley Springs Instruments, LLC

Published: January 18, 2023

First, a bit about BSI: Berkeley Springs Instruments, LLC, (BSI) has specialized in the development and application of innovative industrial technologies for over 35 years. These technologies include in-service tank robotics, nuclear power plant control room design, neural network software development, remote monitoring systems, and more. BSI and its legacy companies embarked in 1980 and have designed and fabricated hundreds of remotely controlled and robotic machines for the inspection of above ground storage tanks (AST’s), and confined spaces worldwide. BSI has a strong and globally respected reputation and foundation of technical excellence.

BSI understands the end-to-end design of monitoring networks with decades of experience in control room and SCADA system interface design, alarm systems and large-scale risk assessment analyses. BSI management has participated in world class IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) safety system design committees, remote system controls, complex information management projects and a range of human-machine monitoring and control networks from satellites to subsea.

BSI serves a broad range of industries, including energy, petrochemical, electric utilities, pharmaceuticals, and municipalities.

Gene Silverman and Rob Leary at BSI approached CurlyRed about creating an updated web presence for their company. Our team at CurlyRed wanted to give them an elegant, forward-focused, fully responsive web solution. We took the navy and vibrant green of their branding and matched it with sweeping landscapes and custom illustrations to show how their innovative technologies also provide a positive environmental benefit.

Here's what the team at BSI had to say:

“BSI has really enjoyed working with CurlyRed. We didn’t have the time or skillset to build our new website design so they enhanced and brought our website to the next level with their talented professional design team. Our launch to the new site was seamless. We highly recommend CurlyRed!”

Thanks Gene and Rob! We're so glad we could bring your vision to life.


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