Featured Client: Garrett Mentors

Published: August 5, 2020

Garrett Mentors were the winners of our CurlyRed design giveaway this past spring, and we were so happy to use that design time to create all-new branding for their organization!

Garrett Mentors is a non-profit organization founded in 2008 serving Garrett County, Maryland. They are committed to providing the Pre-kindergarten through grade five children in the Garrett County Public Schools with caring, committed, adult mentors. Our volunteer mentors are adults of all ages who serve as positive role models to children with various needs and backgrounds.

Mentors meet with the child they are matched with once a week during the child’s lunchtime at the child’s school. We also provide our children and their mentors with several out-of-school bonding experiences throughout the year.


Their director Laura Fike was looking for new branding that was elegant but youthful, professional but still fun (kinda like her!). Here's the final result:

Laura recently shared about her experience with us:

“I am so impressed with the amazing work CurlyRed did for the Garrett Mentors organization. Kendall was so generous in choosing our organization to receive special funds toward her services at the beginning of the Covid19 pandemic. To have these special funds during such an uneasy time and unknown future for our organization was such a true blessing. We had been wanting to update our branding for a long time and with Kendall's help and generous gift, this was such a perfect opportunity. Kendall was so easy to work with and had such an incredible and creative thoughtful process for coming up with the perfect logo for us. She really put the time and effort in to represent us in such a perfect way. She was so attentive and so quick with her very hard work. She is a true artist and I can't recommend her enough to anyone starting up a new brand or looking to update an old one. I can't wait to share our new logo with the community! THANK YOU SO MUCH!”


Please contact us today to talk about your branding project. We love to help non-profits and small businesses bring their vision to life!

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