Featured Client: Mountaintop Soccer Association

Published: August 30, 2018

Youth soccer is a big deal here in Garrett County, Maryland.

So Mark Ludwig, vice president of CurlyRed, was pumped for the opportunity to redesign the branding and website for the Mountaintop Soccer Association. The previous branding had been in place for decades, and was in need of a facelift.

Mark chose a strong emblem that can be used as a stand-alone icon—a mountainous take on a traditional soccer patch. Then he paired the emblem with a gritty san-serif typeface to produce a strong and memorable final logo (above).

The fully custom and fully responsive WordPress MSA website also features a clean and strong layout. Plus, for the first time ever, the website allowed the organization to complete all student and coach registrations online! This saved the organization a lot of time and man-power.

We're proud to be sponsoring a U10 team this year, the CurlyRed Wildfire!

In more exciting news, CurlyRed is sponsoring the "Wildfire" team in the U10 category—we love seeing our name on the back of the kids' jerseys (this shot was taken at last night's game). Best of luck to all of the teams (although we may be a bit biased)—we hope you have a great season!

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