Featured Client: Ohio-South Farm Products

Published: October 30, 2023

Ohio-South Farm Products is a Specialty Foods company rooted in Central Ohio. Their great tasting products are made fresh from the farm with healthy, natural ingredients. Ohio-South markets to national distributors, wholesale customers, grocery stores, restaurants, and online direct to consumer. Many of our products were created by hardworking Specialty Food Industry entrepreneurs and sold at local farm markets before becoming national brands. Ohio-South is proud to have Bear’s Breath Ketchup, Szagorski’s Peppers, Mendocino Mustard, and Durango Artisan Foods as part of the Ohio-South family.

Over the past year, CurlyRed has created new branding, a fully custom and responsive web presence, an identity system, marketing materials and package design for Ohio-South. We decided on a bright, optimistic color palette, matched with inviting landscapes and appealing product imagery. In all that we create for Ohio-South, we aim to emphasize the high-quality and healthy standards of all of their products.

CEO Thomas Gill has this to say:

“Kendall, Mark and Olivia for the past year on a number of projects including the design and management of our website, development of our Ohio-South brand, as well as many product re-branding projects including label re-designs. They have been very responsive to our project requests and have a very good working relationship with the team a CurlyRed. We enjoy working together and sincerely value our business relationship with CurlyRed.”


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