Featured Client: The Maryland Wineries Association

Published: April 10, 2019


We had so much fun creating the branding for “Weird Wine: A Peek Into the Curious World of Maryland Wine.” This event on May 5th, 2019 is being hosted by The Maryland Wineries Association and Baltimore Magazine at Union Collective in Baltimore.

There are still tickets available—you can buy them here.

When Kelly J. Dudeck, Chief Strategy Officer of Grow & Fortify came to us with this project, we started considering all sorts of crazy ideas (including pixelated grapes!)—and ended up with a wacky combo of vibrant colors and patterns, inside of fun typefaces that have been manipulated and twisted around.

Here's what Kelly had to say:

“This was our first time working with CurlyRed, but I feel sure it won't be our last. We needed a logo conceptualized and finalized within a very short period of time. Not only did they deliver, but they took all of our suggestions and were able to make adjustments on the fly. The result was a logo that really helped define our event.”

—Kelly J. Dudeck, Chief Strategy Officer of Grow & Fortify

Here's a description of the event:

The Maryland Wineries Association and Baltimore Magazine invite you to take a peek into the curious world of Maryland wine with a pop-up event featuring some very unique blends from over 20 of our local wine, cider and mead producers.

Wine is typically made from grapes, cider from apples and mead from honey, but some of our Maryland winemakers have been pushing the envelope a bit lately with their craft. Habañero, dragonfruit, coffee, locust blossoms and fish peppers are just some of the odd ingredients you'll find at this event. Some of the grapes used in this wines are unique as well: French-American hybrid grapes, Spanish grapes not typically grown here, and even some Russian varietals only identifiable by numbers and letters! Diving even deeper, some of these wines earned their unique title from the way the wine was processed or fermented - so expect to see pink wines, orange wines...and even a purple wine!

We hope you'll join us as we transform an unfinished space at Union Collective in Hampden, into a whimsical wine experience. 

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