First Featured Client of 2019: Garrett County Arts Council

Published: January 9, 2019

M. Kendall Ludwig is proud to serve on the Garrett County Arts Council, and was delighted to help out with the design and layout of Ginseng, the annual literary publication that GCAC releases each year.

Mary McEwen, GCAC president, says in her opening letter of Ginseng, "In your hands is the culminating project of talented local writers who are compelled to tell their stories in order to reach out to the world, striving to make pathways toward common ground among all humans."

Photographer Penny Knobel-Besa's moving work, paired with the lovely poems, short stories and plays really made this project enjoyable.

Featured Ginseng writer Maggie Pratt said, "Best. Ginseng. Ever. I think that about every edition, but this one is something special. The thoughtfulness that was extended to matching words with pictures is truly a gift to the writers, the reader and the artist."

If you have design or layout needs for your next print project, please contact us today!

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