First Fruits February | Featured Charity: Community Crisis Center

Published: January 20, 2017

Next month,CurlyRed is giving back 10% of all of our February sales to two great charities, one here in Garrett County (our new community) and one in Baltimore (our hometown).

Today we want to give more exposure to the Community Crisis Center in Baltimore. From their website: "The Community Crisis Center, Inc. (CCC) is a nonprofit 501(3)c human service organization dedicated to the prevention of homelessness for residents of Reisterstown, Owings Mills and Glyndon (in Baltimore County, MD) through the provision of emergency food items, personal hygiene products, school supplies, financial literacy, and monthly grants for eviction-prevention and utility assistance.

Photo courtesy of Carroll County Times

"Community Crisis Center offers classes each month on internet job search skills, resume preparation, and job interview skills. These classes are made possible through an award from The T Rowe Price Foundation."

We have seen the Community Crisis Center in action, and it's an amazing place. Anyone, from any walk of life, can enter the CCC's doors and be welcomed. These individuals and families can know that their immediate needs, whatever they may be, will be met. We've seen the CCC not only help with issues like hunger, but also helping families find housing, jobs, medical care, educational supplies, and more. And they do this all on a small budget and is mostly staffed by volunteers (who are all wonderfully caring!), under the guidance of our friend Ed Hartman. We are truly glad to help them in this way!

If you'd like more information, you can call the Community Crisis Center at 410.526.7111.

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