J is for Jitterbug

Published: June 7, 2023

by CurlyRed president and principal designer M. Kendall Ludwig

You know it was coming, right? That I would use one of these "J" months to talk about my new favorite thing: Jitterbug Movement Studio.

When I opened Jitterbug last October on Autumn Glory weekend, I remember sitting in the new space with my mom, Madeline Meister. We were hosting an open house and I think maybe three whole people showed up. Three. I'll admit, I began to panic a little.

I mean, I had spent countless hours and a decent amount of dollars designing, painting, decorating and building out the classroom and waiting area spaces. I had creating nice branding, a new website, and promoting the heck out of Jitterbug on social media. I'd hung up posters around town and handed out flyers. I'd spoke incessantly about my plans to anyone who would listen. I'd convinced several of my talented friends to teach classes. Now all we needed was buy-in. Bodies that wanted to move and dance at Jitterbug.

To be clear: it didn't come right away. My experience is that it takes time to get anything new off the ground, even if it's a great idea. But in the several months that have passed since, I've had the absolutely pleasure to see Jitterbug grow and expand and get to do things I never would imagined. And as much as I love that Jitterbug is gaining momentum, the thing that gives me the most joy is to hear from our students about how much joy our classes are bringing them. Here's a few testimonials:

I love it at Jitterbug! The space is great and Kendall is always there to greet and make you feel welcome! There is also a lot to choose from!

Kendall is an excellent instructor who manages to create dances to accommodate everyone in the class no matter the experience level or age! Classes are so fun you don’t notice it is exercise! This studio is a great asset for our community! As an adult who loves dance I highly recommend!

I have had such a great experience over the past several months taking the adult tap class. I hadn't danced for a long time before joining the class, and other students in the class have NEVER taken a dance class before, and everyone enjoys the class equally. The owner of the studio and teacher of the tap class, Kendall, does a great job of making everyone feel welcome and creating dance combinations suitable for a range of experience. Those new to tap don't feel like it's out of their ability range, and at the same time, those of us who have taken tap before don't feel bored. It's an excellent mix of challenging and fun, plus I always feel like I had a great workout afterwards. I drive over an hour each Saturday to go to this class, and it's so worth it! Highly recommended 🙂

We are doing quite a few really fun (and affordable) events this summer. If you're in the Garrett County area, please come give Jitterbug a try! Click here to download our summer schedule: jitterbug_2023summerschedule

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