Join us in spreading hope.

Published: March 18, 2020

Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.
—Desmond Tutu

It's easy to become swept up the in fear and worry in such uncertain times. But now, more than ever, we must look for ways to bring forth peace, love and faith that we will get through this together.

One of our clients, New Hope Community Church in Catonsville, Maryland, had their first ever live-stream of a church service this past Sunday. To think that we live in such an age where community can continue in a time of great isolation is comforting and inspiring.

Would you like to be a light in your community? Here's a few simple things you can do to share hope this week:

1. Call your grandparents. The elderly and at-risk populations are at a greater risk to suffer from the loneliness and despair that come from extended isolation. So check in on your older relatives and friends and let them hear your voice—it makes a difference.

2. Donate to a local arts organization. With cancellations of performances, gallery openings, and classes, many artists and organizations are already suffering financially right now. Consider taking your refunded ticket and reinvesting that money into an arts organization that could use your support now more than ever.

3. While you're at it, buy a gift card if you can. Small businesses are also hurting, and may be forced to close their doors for an extended period. Pick one of your favorites and buy a gift card to use when they re-open (and encourage your friends to do the same).

4. Share your extras. Instead of stockpiling, buy what you need and then look for ways to share your surplus 20 toilet paper rolls from Sam's Club with someone who can't find any in the grocery store right now.

5. Pray/send good thoughts. Carve out some time each day to pray/meditate/send good thoughts to those people around the world who are sick, suffering, scared, and lonely. Now is the time to be united in compassion.

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