Meet our fall intern, Jackson!

Published: September 22, 2022

Say hello to our newest web design intern, Jackson! We're excited to have him on board this fall, and look forward to seeing what he'll accomplish during his time with CurlyRed. Here's a few things we've learned about Jackson:

Where are you attending school? What are you going to school? What’s your dream career?
I am currently in Southern Garrett High School and my main concentration is a computer science pathway. My dream career is to become a video game developer, but I’m starting to get a taste of web design and it’s pretty fun.

What do you love about art and/or technology?
I love to just think of how much technology has changed, and how quickly too—not to mention how much stuff you can do with it.

Why is web design a good fit for your personality?
I think web design fits my personality because I’ve always had a love for technology and coding.

Why did you want to intern for CurlyRed?
I want to intern at CurlyRed because I think it is a great opportunity to actually work on the thing that I want to make my career, or really close to it at least 😂

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned up to this point as an artist?
As a programmer and (sort of) artist, I think the most important thing that I’ve learned is to always be learning and trying to do better.

How will this internship change the way you approach your remaining education?
I do believe that this internship will change how I see the rest of my education (and possibly my life) because it will show me what it is actually like to do the things I'm learning about in school.

Why do you think someone should choose CurlyRed for their creative needs?
I think someone should choose CurlyRed because they are there to help you and give you what you need, and they do it with nice smiling faces.

What's your favorite typeface and why?
If I had to choose one typeface, I think I would have to choose Exo because it is futuristic yet simple.


It's so nice learning more about you, Jackson!

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