Meet Our Intern: Tony Teets

Published: June 6, 2018

Fellow theatre-lover and Oakland resident Tony Teets will be joining the CurlyRed team for the summer! He’s bright, willing to learn, and will be a huge asset (espeically to Mark Ludwig, on the web projects we’ll be tackling over the next several months). Here’s a little more about Tony:

1. Where do you go to school and when will you graduate?
I go to school at Southern Garrett High School and I will graduate in 2021.

2. Are you planning on going to college? In what would you like to major?
Yes, I am planning on going to college. I want to major in performing arts.

3. Where were you born?
I was born in Springfield, Colorado.

4. What’s your favorite childhood memory?
One of my favorite childhood memories is starting to learn the flute in fourth grade and excelling through the years.

5. Who’s your favorite artist and why?
My favorite artist is Boris Vallejo. I like his amazing style in fantasy landscapes and worlds that he shows through the strokes of his brushes as he paints.

6. When did you first fall in love with computers?
I fell in love with computers at a really young age. I have always found it interesting the way that they work. They are amazing machines that will always get better as time goes

7. What’s your favorite digital project you've worked on to date?
One of my favorite digital projects I have worked on was a website I started to make for a book I am writing. I started this website as kind of like a wiki to the book—to explain the characters and the background to the story.

8. What unique point of view do you bring to your passion for web development?
I am very intrigued by web development and I am very committed to learning anything and everything that I can during this internship.

9. Why did you pick CurlyRed for your internship? What are you hoping to learn?
I chose CurlyRed because this is the place that I would like to work at. I met Kendall from when I co-directed a play called “Almost Maine.” She was a joy to work with, and she explained that she owned a business for graphic design and web development. This really intrigues me and I contacted Kendall about a position for the job.

10. What do you think about women in business?
I feel like women should be in business. Women are perfectly capable of doing anything a man can do, and sometimes women can do things better than men can even do. Women are amazing people and there are a lot of amazing women in the world that don't believe they can do whatever they want to because of people tearing them down.

11. What's one fun fact about you that we should know?
I can play multiple woodwind and mallet percussion instruments (12 instruments) I have taught myself mainly all of the instruments that I play. I am in marching band and as of 2018-2019 season, this will be my third season.

12. What's your favorite typeface and why?
I enjoy the Blackletter typeface because of the way that it looks, and that they used it in old-time newspapers. It looks nice and old fashioned.

Welcome, Tony! We're glad to have you.

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