Meet our spring intern: Olivia Weeks!

Published: January 13, 2021

Say hello to our newest graphic design intern, Olivia! We're excited to have her on board this spring, and look forward to seeing what he'll accomplish during her time with CurlyRed. Here's a few things we've learned about Olivia:

Where are you attending college? What are you going to school? What’s your dream career?
I am attending Garrett College in McHenry, Md. I am studying Graphic/Web design. My dream career would be to be a freelance artist of some sort, selling my artwork in my small business. It would also be really cool to be a commission-based animator.

What do you love about design?
I love how you can express yourself in design. Even though some projects might be for a client, you are still able to put your own personality into the work. There are also so many forms of design, so it is a path that never gets boring.

Why is graphic design such a good fit for your personality?
I think graphic design is a good fit for me, because I already have an appreciation for classical art. Since I already work with raw materials, I have really enjoyed seeing how art is transferred into the digital world. I love learning new ways of doing things, so I think that is why I most enjoy graphic design.

Why did you want to intern for CurlyRed?
I was referred to by many people to check out CurlyRed for my internship! After looking into everything that CurlyRed highlights and focuses on, I thought it would be a great place to start designing. I also really appreciate the tagline “Good Design for Everyone,” because it shows that CurlyRed is putting the customers first!

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned up to this point as a designer?
It’s ok if you don’t know everything. There have been many times where I have been stuck on a certain project and didn’t know how to finish. I have learned that sometimes you have to simply try new techniques and experiment with things you aren’t familiar with. Learn from your mistakes. Start over. Scrap the design and try to gather new inspiration. Although design can be time consuming and stressful, it is also immensely rewarding when you finish.

How will this internship change the way you approach your remaining education?
I believe that this internship will give me a true sense of what it is like to be a graphic designer. It will make me approach the remaining part of my education not just as “passing my classes,” but thinking of them as stepping stones to get me to my career.

What is your current approach to graphic design?
A lot of experimentation, and a lot of learning. I can take what I have learned in previous design classes and combine them with my own personal style to make an enjoyable design. I also really enjoy the typography aspect of design.

What design trends are you seeing pop up? What trends need to die already?
Some current trends that are becoming popular are muted color palettes, and geometric shapes. These trends have actually really grown on me, so I have been finding myself using them. One trend that absolutely needs to die are cheesy drop-shadows. Like… please… just—no.

Why do you think someone should choose CurlyRed for their creative needs?
I think if you have a design need, CurlyRed would be the place for you. CurlyRed provides clients with excellent examples of their work, offers affordable prices, and a large portfolio. By only viewing CurlyRed’s webpage, I have already gained a good sense of the organization and eye-catching design that CurlyRed offers.

What’s your favorite typeface and why?
I find myself using the Rockwell (4) font a lot for making a bold titles and points. I think it is eye catching, yet not as sophisticated as a typewriter font. I also really love hand-lettering fonts, or “faux calligraphy” that is becoming really trendy these days.


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