Meet our Spring/Summer Web Intern: Ellie Hudnall!

Published: May 19, 2022

Say hello to our newest web design intern, Ellie! We're excited to have her on board this spring/summer, and look forward to seeing what she'll accomplish during her time with CurlyRed. Here's a few things we've learned about Ellie:

Where are you attending school? What are you going to school? What’s your dream career?
I am currently attending Southern High School, and my concentration is Computer Science and Art. I don’t really have a dream career, but graphic design might be something I aim for.

What do you love about art and/or technology?
I have always loved art. It has been one of my hobbies since I was little. I recently got
an iPad pro and an Apple pen, so I have been drawing on that a more recently. I love it because it's calming for me, and it gives me full creative liberty.

Why is web design a good fit for your personality?
I am not adverse to learning new things about coding and design. I like to think I am pretty patient, at least with things I enjoy doing. I also tend to have a relatively calm attitude towards most things.

Why did you want to intern for CurlyRed?
I have been looking for a summer job for a while, and it just happens that this opened up. I also thought I would have way more fun doing this than bussing tables. (We appreciate the honesty!)

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned up to this point as an artist?
That too much can sometimes be a bad thing. And to have patience with what you are doing. Also not to let anyone make you feel stupid or upset with your own work.

How will this internship change the way you approach your remaining education?
It probably won’t change much seeing as I am going through the whole computer science pathway to graduate with honors already. But I might try and take a web design class if I have time.

What is your current approach to illustration?
I mostly use my iPad or traditional pencil and paper.

Why do you think someone should choose CurlyRed for their creative needs?
Its a town business, and people are probably more familiar with stuff like that. Also, you guys create some of the coolest looking websites ever.


Gee, thanks so much Ellie!

Interested in being our next intern? Send your resume and samples of your work to

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