One week until First Fruits February!

Published: January 25, 2018

It's hard to believe, but February is only a week away! And that means: First Fruits February! CurlyRed will be donating 10% to two extra-special Maryland-based organizations, suggested by you.

(We had several great choices, and two stood out to us. We couldn’t choose between them, so we’ve decided on TWO non-profit recipients, one in Baltimore, MD and one in Garrett County, MD. )

Our first recipient, Simple Sacrifice's (visit Simple Sacrifice's website here), mission is to provide love and lunches to the homeless and hungry in Baltimore City every single Sunday (how amazing is that!). This fully volunteer organization is helping Baltimore be a kinder, and more welcoming place. This winter, Simple Sacrifice is expanding to support our friends during the coldest of nights. When the temperature dips we will be there with Cold Weather Survival Kits. You can help them with their Amazon wish list here.

Our second recipient is the "I Can Swim" program through the Garrett County Community Aquatic and Recreation Complex (website is down, but you can visit their Facebook page here). It consists of 4-days of active aquatic learning for every kindergarten class in Garrett County, MD (where CurlyRed is headquartered), as well as homeschooled 5 & 6 year olds. During the 4 days, the students are taught water safety skills, nutrition, music and more, as well as progressed through 8 total American Red Cross swim lessons. In the second year of the program, a shorter program was added for 6th graders which focuses more on adult and teen water safety and is often referred to as “junior lifeguarding.” This program has been instrumental in teaching thousands of children to swim at no cost to their families, or the public school system. Parents, teachers, principals, and the kids all love the program and would love to see it continue for many years.

So remember: 10% of any new project that we start and/or finish in the month of February 2018 will go towards helping out these two worthy organizations! That includes all branding, print and web projects. So please support us, so we can help Simple Sacrifice and I Can Swim!

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