Super Mario Bros. Nursery: Before & After

Published: January 7, 2010

As many of you know, when we found out we were pregnant, we talked about converting the our guest room into a truly awesome nursery. Here was our blah guest bedroom before. We had just taken down the ugly wallpaper and all we had for the baby was a crib that Eric and Emily graciously passed on to us.

If the baby was to be a girl, we were going with a Madeline theme, if the baby was to be a boy, we were going with original Super Mario Bros.

Well, we never did find out the sex. Yes, we have a stubborn baby that refused to cooperate. So, we decided to go with the more gender-neutral of the two. And even though a Madeline nursery would have been beautiful, we are so happy with how the nursery came out, and Margot seems rather happy in there (she's always staring at the wall decals with wonder).

So where did we find the things to create this glorious nursery?

Well, as previously mentioned, the crib, glider and dresser were given to us by Eric and Emily. The changing table, crib sheet and bumper are from Babies R Us, the nightlight and mushroom light on the dresser are from Target, the totally rad wall decals are from The books, stuffed animals and piggy bank were lovingly selected and given to us by friends and family, and Mark designed and built the mobile himself!

If you have any other questions about our process, just ask!

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