The Colors of Wes Anderson

Published: May 7, 2014

At CurlyRed, we are constantly inspired. 

A great source of inspiration is the artistic elements used in film. The costumes in Chicago and Moulin Rouge!, the typography in The Artist, the illustration style in Monsters Inc., and even the set design of childhood favorite Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory can all serve to create great ideas.

In our opinion, Wes Anderson is as much an artist as he is a film director. And he uses color better than any other director we can think of. In his brilliant work such as The Grand Budapest Hotel and The Royal Tenebaums, every visual detail is taken into consideration. This leads to stunning color palettes that completely encompass the mood, character and respective time periods of each film.

We are not the only ones to notice. A Tumblr of Wes Anderson Palettes has popped up, and we couldn't help but share. Hope you’re inspired as well! Enjoy.

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