Thriving in Garrett County, Maryland: Summer

Published: June 23, 2021

by M. Kendall Ludwig, president and principal designer
custom illustration by CurlyRed junior designer Olivia Weeks


After living most of my life in Baltimore, I have come to appreciate how very temperate it is here in Garrett County in summer. Today they are calling for a high of 67 degrees! On the 23rd of June! This is especially nice, considering our house doesn't have air conditioning (something that only seems to be an issue for a few weeks in July). It is a truly a beautiful season to live here, and no shortage of things to do. Here's a few tips to make the most out of your summer in Garrett County:

  1. Check out the local happenings. There are so many cool weekly events that happen here. Every Wednesday and Saturday at 10am, our very own Mountain Fresh Farmer's Market makes the town of Oakland come alive. Also on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 11am-3pm, be sure to check out the End of the Line Bookstore in Oakland. In other parts of the county, look for Grantsville Days this weekend, Fire on the Mountain at the lake in July, and Friendsville Days in August!
  2. Live Music is happening all over! There is an insane number of talented local and visiting musicians performing throughout the summer months. You can find live music every week at multiple venues around the county, including The Vagabond Taproom, Sipside Lounge, FirewaterMoonshadow and the (totally free) Little Yough Music Festival. Make sure to donate and support these amazing artists (and venues willing to host)!

    I think Deep Creek Lake is a good look on me ;P

  3. Water is your friend. It doesn't get much better than a boat day on Deep Creek Lake. But I could also make a pretty strong argument for stand-up paddle-boarding at Herrington Manor, or nature-made water slides at Swallow Falls. Make sure to take advantage the many beautiful bodies of water this county has to offer. If land is more your thing, there are several running, biking and walking groups you can join!
  4. Make your belly happy. I definitely LOVE to eat. Some of my favorite summer treats include ice cream from Devler's, steamed crabs from Trout's Seafood, and pretty much anything from Cornucopia Cafe. Many places offer outdoor seating with killer views as well.
  5. Slow down. Most people I've spoken to in the last few weeks have commented how busy spring was this year, with things re-opening and starting back up again. It's great to be able to go out and do things, but having a full schedule doesn't necessary equal happiness. Leaving your calendar as unscheduled as possible this summer will open you up to the freedom and joyfulness of spontaneity that you can share with the ones you love, and give you space to reflect and practice gratitude.
  6. Stay protected! The sun is no joke here, and it's easy to burn even on an overcast and/or cooler day. I always have at least SPF 30 on, plus a good sunhat if I'm going to be out and about.

What are your tips for thriving in the Summer?

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