Where CurlyRed Got It's Name

Published: May 25, 2016

A lifetime ago, our dear friend Matthew Winner (author, blogger, and of All The Wonders fame) was teaching a class of 3rd graders.

I, M. Kendall Ludwig, president and principal designer of CurlyRed, had an idea for a graphic design firm but DIDN'T HAVE A NAME! I was stuck and needed help.

So Matthew took it upon himself to go to his kids and have them brainstorm on my behalf! He told them all about me, and something that makes me unique (yes, that would be my hair). Here's the email he sent me in March of 2006 (!!!):
"In no descending order, here are the ideas my class came up with.

So here they are...with great thought and consideration from all smiling 24!
1. red.candle.inc
2. Kendall's Crazy Art, Inc.
3. Curlyart Inc
4. Red Art Inc.
5. kendallcurled.ink
6. curlred.ink
7. kendallcurl.inc
8. redhot graphics
9. CurlyRed graphics
10. Red Head Kendall graphics
11. Kendall inc.
12.The Kendall Ink
13. Techno Art inc
14. Kendall Inc.
15. Red Headed Inc.
16. colorful pixel
17. Red Kendall
18. Kendall-Curl Inc.
19. Logo to GoGo
20. Kendall's Super Graphic Co.
21. Red Tech. inc.
22. Kendall co.
23. Curly Red Kendall
24. curly red inc
25. kendall.cool.arts
26. kendall technical arts

and, of course, my contributions are:
* rad graphics
* the red press
* Fern Independent Red Fern Grows in there!

... of course, mixing colors and animals always makes for great design names hen, blue roof... enjoy

Hope we could help!

Sincerely, -Matthew"

So, as you can see—3 different children came up with CurlyRed, and I have NEVER EVEN THOUGHT OF IT! How awesome is that? As soon as I read the list, that name jumped out. Shortly after, these were the top 3 ideas I developed and then refined it over the years to what you see now:

Lesson learned: never under-estimate the power of kid's creativity. It also helps to have amazing friends like Matthew Winner in your corner.

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