CurlyRed President Interviewed This Week on "Birds in a Tree" Podcast!

Published: November 15, 2017

Our dear friend, Bridget Manley, created the Birds in a Tree podcast about parenting. The good, the bad, the hard and the glorious, all from the perspective of different parents each episode.

From left: Mark Ludwig, vice-president, CurlyRed;
daughter Juliette; daughter Margot;
M. Kendall Ludwig, president, CurlyRed

She asked M. Kendall Ludwig, president and principal designer of CurlyRed, to be her guest, and Kendall (of course), said YES! Kendall's episode aired this week, and here's the summary of the interview (as written by Bridget):

Kendall is the mother of two girls, and is one of the bravest boss women I know. Before becoming a mother, Kendall decided that instead of working for a company, she wanted to start her own graphic design business. So she took business classes, got mentors, networked, and taught herself how to become an entrepreneur. Ten years later, she and her husband run an incredibly successful graphic design company.  Kendall admits that after the birth of her second daughter, she had a lot of mommy guilt about not being able to do it all, and after the sale of their house in Baltimore, made another drastic change for the health and well being of the family.

And because I am unashamed of plugging of my friends and their endeavors, if you need some graphic design work done, visit their website at

You can listen to this fantastic episode here:

Thanks again Bridget, it was an honor to be part of what you're doing in podcast-land!

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