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Published: February 21, 2024

Thank you so much to Points North Studio for the feature! For The Love of Design and Color: If your love language includes color swatches, fonts, and patterns, then please swipe right on us! This is an appreciation post about the amazing designers we have in our network. Take a moment to read about their […]

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Published: February 8, 2023

*****NEW DATE: Join us February 16th! Same time, same place**** After years of being thwarted by Covid-19 we are SO EXCITED to be back and better than ever! Garrett County's first Women's Networking Event of 2023 is set for Thursday, February 16th at noon at Ace's Run Restaurant & Pub! The featured speaker is Kendall […]

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Published: January 6, 2021

We are honored that local publication, Lake-Front Magazine, has decided to feature CurlyRed president and principal designer M. Kendall Ludwig this month! You can read the full article here.

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Published: April 17, 2019

Today marks the 15 year wedding anniversary of CurlyRed president and principal M. Kendall Ludwig to vice-president Mark Ludwig! They were married in 2004 in Baltimore, Maryland at College of Notre Dame. They are both so thankful that CurlyRed gives them the opportunity to work and create together. Here's to 15 more!

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Published: February 20, 2019

Just a friendly reminder that 10% of any new project that we start and/or finish in the month of February 2019 with CurlyRed will go directly to ¡Adelante Latina! and It's in the Bag! Adelante Latina is our Baltimore FFF recipient. It's a free college prep program for academically promising Latinas of limited means in Baltimore […]

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Published: September 5, 2018

Maryland Citizens for the Arts utilizes ArtsLAB as an inclusive space for open dialogue around topics that influence and enhance the Maryland arts sector. There are elements for arts administrators, artists, board members, volunteers, funders, and advocates. Topic: Unheard Voices Date: Thursday, November 8, 2018 Time: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Location: The Gordon Center, […]

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Published: August 22, 2018

We're excited to announce that Redstart Creative, a full-service, Baltimore-based marketing and communications firm, recently recognized CurlyRed president and principal designer M. Kendall Ludwig on their social media platforms! Kendall spoke with friend Rebecca Teaff, CEO of Redstart, about her company. Kendall said that her favorite part about being a business owner is: “The flexibility. I've never […]

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Published: April 4, 2018

On March 23rd, Mark and Kendall of CurlyRed presented on the Future of Social Media at Sheppard Pratt Conference Center, sponsored by the Baltimore Business Journal. If you weren't able to join us, we wanted to give you some of the highlights of our talk: We begun our presentation by reviewing the history of social […]

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Published: March 9, 2018

That's right! We're heading down to Charm City in two weeks. We’re excited and honored to once again be part of the Baltimore Business Journal's Digital Marketing Seminar Series on Social Media Marketing. Kendall and Mark will be presenting together about the future of social media. This session will cover the ins and outs of […]

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Published: February 14, 2018

It's finally here! Silent Sky at Our Town Theatre in Oakland, MD opens tonight! We still can't get over how lovely the poster design is, created by our own Mark Ludwig, Vice President and Principal Developer at CurlyRed. If you're curious what Silent Sky is all about, here's a quick synopsis: When Henrietta Leavitt begins […]

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Published: November 20, 2017

We've had the pleasure of being part of am amazing (and free) networking group called B'More Creatives, since the very beginning. M. Kendall Ludwig, president and principal designer of CurlyRed, was also had the honor of serving on the board of directors for the past 5 or 6 years. But Kendall, along with fellow leader […]

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Published: November 15, 2017

Our dear friend, Bridget Manley, created the Birds in a Tree podcast about parenting. The good, the bad, the hard and the glorious, all from the perspective of different parents each episode. From left: Mark Ludwig, vice-president, CurlyRed; daughter Juliette; daughter Margot; M. Kendall Ludwig, president, CurlyRed She asked M. Kendall Ludwig, president and principal […]

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Published: March 22, 2017

by M. Kendall Ludwig, president and principal designer, Tonight is opening night for a production called Almost, Maine at the quaint playhouse Our Town Theatre in Oakland, Maryland. We're even featured on the cover of the local newspaper! photo courtesy of Our Town Theatre (I'm on the bottom left!) A few months ago, notices for […]

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Published: August 2, 2016

ahhhh....August. The best month of the year. Baseball AND football, pool parties, beach getaways and frozen cocktails. What's not to love? And since we're a fan of month-long birthday celebrations, here's a curated list of birthday wishes by the one and only M. Kendall Ludwig, president and principal designer of CurlyRed (who turns 35 on […]

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Published: March 10, 2016

It's that time of year again—presentation time! CurlyRed is always honored to be a part of these great events. You can catch our president and principal designer, M. Kendall Ludwig, presenting at the following: Towson University's Women in Leadership Conference: April 2nd, 2016 from Towson University's website: “On Saturday April 2, 2016, Towson University will be […]

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Published: March 2, 2016

Hi everyone! Meet Tia: our newest lovable member of this crazy CurlyRed family. We often take interns from local universities to help mentor them while they earn school credit. But we thought it would be sweet to interview her and find out what makes Tia tick. Here we go! 1. Where do you go to […]

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Published: September 2, 2015

Are you thinking about a website refresh or facelift? Do you want to create a stronger online presence? Are you curious about how to create a dynamic and captivating website for your company or organization? You're in luck: that's what M. Kendall Ludwig, president and principal designer of CurlyRed will be discussing, as part of […]

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Published: July 22, 2015

Josh Ludwig, CEO of Ludwig Painting and cousin of president and principal designer, M. Kendall Ludwig, was very happy with the website we created for him a few years ago. But WE had one major problem with it: it wasn't mobile-friendly. As you've most likely heard by now, Google began rolling out a search engine […]

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Published: March 27, 2015

Spring has sprung (kind of), and with it comes a crop of events for women in business and students in design! CurlyRed is always honored to be a part of these programs. You can catch our president and principal design, M. Kendall Ludwig at the following: BizWomen Mentoring Monday: Monday, March 30th, 7:30-9:30 a.m. from […]

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Published: August 7, 2014

In CurlyRed land, August means fun summer birthday times. This year, president and principal designer M. Kendall Ludwig put together some gift ideas that speak to her love of beautiful fall clothing, reading, the Baltimore Ravens, tech, and, of course, design! We think these items would make most creative women swoon. Let us know what you […]

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Published: April 3, 2014

CurlyRed is happy to be a part of these upcoming events, and we hope you can join us! 1. M. Kendall Ludwig, president and principal design of CurlyRed, will be "speed mentoring" along with many other fabulous women at the BBJ's BizWomen Mentoring Monday. Yay for women in business! 2. Are you struggling to navigate […]

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Published: February 12, 2014

Since everyone will be snowed in tomorrow (2.13.14) and not working anyway, set your alarm, and log onto Piggy Bank Promotions at 11am! Then you can listen to CurlyRed president and principal designer, M. Kendall Ludwig discuss balancing running a successful design firm and raising two small girls. Writer and PR expert Wendy Meyeroff interviews Kendall […]

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Published: February 5, 2014

Clockwise from top left: CurlyRed fan James Taavon gives us a grin; CurlyRed president and principal designer M. Kendall Ludwig poses with client Maryellen May; "Mr. CurlyRed," aka Mark Ludwig, sips on a "CurlyRed-tini"; CurlyRed fans and friends mingled in the newly renovated CurlyRed office; CurlyRed's logo in bright red vinyl graces the main office wall. […]

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Published: January 31, 2014

Over 100 clients served. Countless cups of coffee and networking events attended. Tears of joy and frustration (sometimes both in the same day!). Multiple speeches, coaching sessions and life lessons learned. Our hope is that CurlyRed has made the world better with the usable art we've created. Thank YOU for being part of our ultimate […]

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Published: January 14, 2014

Tim Gunn is such a handsome devil. Monyka Berrocosa, CEO of MyCity4Her, Inc, approached us to share our thoughts on design and business. President and principal designer, M. Kendall Ludwig, gave a talk in 2013 about her deep respect for Tim Gunn and love of Project Runway. She decided that this same subject manner would […]

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Published: June 13, 2013

So a few years ago, we were fortunate enough to have the extremely talented Becky Pool (now Becky Helms) intern for us. We were blown away by passion for design,  her dedication to her craft (which also includes silkscreening, illustration (she draws her own outfit each day!), and crazy amounts of crocheting), and her sunny, sweet disposition. We simply […]

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Published: August 19, 2009

If you have a design project you'd like completed before Kendall, CurlyRed's owner, goes on maternity leave, please contact us by September 15th, 2009 (less than a month away, can you believe it?). Kendall will be returning around January 4th, 2010. And if you refer a friend to CurlyRed before this time, you will receive […]

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Published: July 21, 2009

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