Tomorrow is Galentine's Day! Ladies Celebrating Ladies!

Published: February 12, 2021

article and illustration by CurlyRed intern, Olivia Weeks

Happy “Galentines” day from CurlyRed! Here are six ways you can celebrate this year with all the lovely ladies in your life in this crazy time:

  •  Brunch picnic: What better way to celebrate love and friendship is there than by eating food? Packing a fancy picnic brunch is a great way to spend time together, and you are able to do it in a safe, socially-distanced fashion if need be.

  • Movie Night: Tv show and movie streaming services are all the rage these days, and now it’s easier than ever to watch with friends and family! If you’re not able to have an in-person movie night with the girls this year, streaming services allow a “GroupWatch” feature that let you all enjoy the film together.

  • Gift boxes: It is easy to get bummed about missing out on all the fun traditions that holidays bring but sending a gift box to a friend is a great way to celebrate in a safe way. Send a themed gift package to your girls filled with things you would usually do on Galentines. You could include some cute nail polish, snacks, face masks, or cards for starters!

  • Music Playlists: If you and the girl gang enjoy blasting great music while you’re together, this might be a great idea for you! Make a playlist on your preferred music platform filled with all your favorite songs and send it to your girls. This way, throughout the day you can be partying together.

  • Video chat: Whether you live close or far away from your girlfriends, it always a good idea to chat. If you aren’t able to be together this Galentines Day, schedule a group video chat session where you are able to all be “kinda” together.

  • Girl boss: There doesn’t need to be a special day to congratulate the amazing women in your life, but Galentines is a great reminder to do so. Whatever you do this year, be sure to let your favorite ladies know how much they are loved and appreciated! 

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